The Behaviour I Will No Longer Put Up With.

After over a decade of unhappiness, I stopped focusing on who was treating me badly, and started to address the issue of why I was tolerating such behaviour. Was it a lack of self-worth, a fear of repercussions, a need to please, or the result of outdated social norms?

I understand why women haven’t spoken up. We haven’t been taken seriously. We have been told we are exaggerating and have been afraid of the consequences. We can only share our stories when we are ready.

We are not in charge of how people treat us, but we can learn how to respond better. I only see — looking back — that even though I felt helpless, there were things I could have done differently.

May we have the courage to honour ourselves by expressing our emotions, no matter how ugly it looks, or how unsteady our voices are.



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