Can You Hear the Voices Whispering to You?

As a child, I remember pretending not to hear my parents when they called out my name from another room? I’d wait until their voice got a bit louder and respond with something vague like,

‘Huh?’ or ‘What did you say?’ as my eyes remained fixated on whatever toys or game I was playing with.

It wasn’t until the third or fourth request (when they became super cranky) that they’d get my full attention. I was smart enough not to ignore the scary voice.

Greater forces seem to be yelling at us at the moment. We chose not to listen to the early warnings.

Weren’t the fires in the Amazon, global warning, inequality, escalating violence and large-scale world conflicts enough? A few examples of some ‘not so subtle’ attempts to get our attention. Yes, action was being taken in these areas, but it wasn’t enough. It’s taken a world pandemic to level us. It’s not a choice anymore. We have been forced to take look closer at the things that have been begging for us to notice.

It happens in our private lives too. We become proficient at pushing things aside until the leverage to act is greater than any resistance. I remember those invisible taps on the shoulder in my early relationships. The ‘you know this isn’t right,’ feeling that I buried for years. I rolled my eyes, shut my mouth and pretended it would get better. The whispers got louder but I continued to block my ears. Even when my health was being affected. I didn’t take action until my Dad became terminally ill. It’s sad to admit, but that’s what it took for me to listen. Why didn’t I get it when the stakes weren’t so high? When the voices were kinder.

Know that you are being gently guided by your inner voice. Trust that you are being led exactly where you are meant to go. Be wise enough to tune in.

Think of the areas in your life where you may be ignoring the whispers. Don’t wait for the cranky voice before you take action.

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